Profil leads the way in establishing audit trail review procedures in clinical studies using visual data analytics


For the last few years, one of the hottest topics in clinical research has been data integrity. An important part of ensuring data integrity - that is now mandated by the authorities - is the structured review of audit trails. Unfortunately, there is little guidance on how to perform such review. As it is virtually impossible to read all lines in an audit trail (and it would not make much sense either), other means of review need to be applied.
The solution for this problem is visual data analytics. We have created an interactive environment that enables the reviewer to dig into the data and learn what actually happened during a study. With this novel approach, audit trail review not only becomes possible, but it actually becomes meaningful.

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Topics: Clinical Trials in Diabetes, Clinical Trial Methods, Clinical trials in Obesity

Posted by Sascha Heckermann on Mar 8, 2021 4:00:00 PM

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