IDF School of Diabetes: Biosimilar Insulins - Complimentary online course

Posted by Christopher Haiduk on Feb 23, 2023 9:17:00 AM

The IDF School of Diabetes offers a complimentary online course about Biosimilar Insulins, which is co-authored by Profil's Co-Founder and Lead Scientist Dr. Tim Heise. You can also find Profil's very own free on-demand online seminar about Biosimilar Insulins given by Dr. Tim Heise here.

Insulin therapy can be expensive, particularly for those who need to use it on a long-term basis. Thus, Biosimilar insulins are an emerging option that may help to reduce the cost of insulin therapy, making it more accessible to people with diabetes.

Biosimilar insulins are a type of insulin that is designed to be similar to an existing insulin product. They are not identical to the original insulin, but they have been shown to be similar enough in terms of safety and efficacy to be considered interchangeable with the reference product.


About this course

This course provides the latest advanced guidelines on the availability of affordable insulin options and the effective use of biosimilar to prevent damages in diabetes management and promote self-management. It provides an understanding of the basics of biosimilars, the general principles of demonstrating biosimilarity and the integration of biosimilar insulin into clinical practice.

Benefits for learners:
  • Latest evidence-based clinical recommendations
  • Continued professional development and learning
  • IDF Certificate of Completion
  • CME from the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS)
  • Global multidisciplinary community of diabetes professionals

What can you expect?
  • Explain the difference between a biosimilar and generic treatment
  • Understand the regulations and processes involved in the evaluation of biosimilar treatments
  • Have a clear understanding of biosimilar concept, switching or auto-substitution recommendations
  • Discuss the role of biosimilar insulins in treatment of diabetes mellitus and the methods used to integrate them into practice

Who is eligible?

All health professionals involved in diabetes management and care are eligible to take the course. In particular, health professionals who work in isolated, remote settings and lack access to latest evidence-based education resources.

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