Free Online Seminar: Audit trail review in clinical studies using visual data analytics

Posted by Dr. Lars Bochmann on Feb 23, 2021 4:00:00 PM

Profil continues the successful series of scientific online seminars. On March 23th, 2021 at 4 PM CEST we will air our next free online seminar. The session is presented by Sascha Heckermann, Chief Executive Officer at Profil. 


Why should you watch the online seminar?

While watching the online seminar you will benefit by learning about data integrity in clinical research. Sascha Heckermann will give an overview of how to implement an audit trail review process. Beyond that he will present  visual data analytic tools that can be used to take a comprehensive and structured review of audit trails.

What is the online seminar about?

For the last few years, one of the hottest topics in clinical research has been data integrity. An important part of ensuring data integrity - that is now mandated by the authorities - is the structured review of audit trails. Unfortunately, there is a little guidance on how to perform the review. As it is virtually impossible to read through all lines in an audit trail (and it would not make much sense either), other means of review need to be applied.

In this online seminar we will show you how visual data analytic tools like Tableau can be used to dig into the audit trails to look for inconsistencies, deviations from procedures and possible fraud. In addition to this, we will show how to prepare your data using KNIME in order to make it accessible by your visualisation tools.

Who should attend this online seminar?

While this online seminar will focus on GCP the information presented can be used all across the GxP area. It is intended for everybody who is involved in the audit trail review process. 

You will get an idea of how to implement an audit trail review process and how to perform the audit trail review.

Interested in the online seminar?

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