What does a CRA do at Profil?

Here comes our final job video. Learn about the job of a CRA. Wait? CRA? I thought Profil is a CRO? Exactly, Profil is a CRO, a Contract Research Organisation.
To be precise, we are a clinical CRO, because we do clinical trials, so we work on human subjects. And to do that we need CRA's.

One of the integral jobs that need to be done at a CRO, is that of a CRA, a Clinical Research Associate. There are also RA and Senior CRA... confused now? Then watch the video to learn the difference. And even if you did not know what all these mean, you might still be the right person for the job, because this is one of the typical jobs you can do with a variety of backgrounds. You already know what a CRA does? Or you do it everyday? Well, then watch the video to find out if you want to join the Profil team.


I hope you enjoyed our series of 5 job videos that we have posted over the past few months. Let us know and make sure to check out the other 4, if you have not already seen them. 

So, have you found your future role at Profil? Then apply now!

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Posted by Dr. Lars Bochmann on Apr 28, 2016 11:00:00 AM

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