Press Release - Profil takes legal action to ensure continued support of its valued customers in the United States

Profil is the world’s leading provider of early-phase clinical trials focused on the indications of diabetes and obesity. For many years, Profil has accepted co-existence with its former US subsidiary, the Profil Institute for Clinical Research (PICR), which is based in San Diego, even supporting PICR’s development after their separation.

However, Profil has now been pushed into reacting to legal threats from PICR relating to the use of the “Profil” trademark. This response has become necessary, as PICR has indicated clear intention to interfere with Profil’s business relationships in the United States. Profil is taking measures to ensure that its valued customers in the US will continue to receive the premium full-service support for clinical trials that the company has built since 1999.

Profil founded the subsidiary in 2003 in an effort to offer its US customers even easier access to support and service. In 2008, the two companies separated. Profil continued on its path of scientific excellence and state-of-the-art method development aimed at best serving the needs of scientifically minded companies involved in diabetes research and treatment.

Profil’s work post-2008 includes the development of the next-generation automated glucose clamp device, ClampArt®, which has been used in numerous clinical trials and is recognized for its best-in-class clamp quality and performance.

Even after the separation, Profil continued to provide research expertise and technical support to PICR, enabling the former subsidiary to conduct clinical trials, including glucose clamp experiments. Even though the two contract research organizations work in the same indications, Profil has always aimed at maintaining a peaceful co-existence with its former subsidiary.

But, after the separation and without informing Profil, PICR registered the “Profil” trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) claiming its first commercial use of the “Profil” trademark was in December 1999 - even though PICR did not exist until 2003. In May 2016, PICR threatened legal action if Profil did not abandon its “Profil” trademark immediately. In their communication, PICR made clear that it intends to use Profil’s “Profil” trademark and trade secrets to exclude Profil from the United States market and interfere with Profil’s business relationships in the US.

In fact, Profil was the first user of the “Profil” trademark and has been using the mark in commerce in the United States since 1999. Furthermore, Profil has invested substantial funds into building its technological leadership in the US.

Therefore, Profil has had no alternative but to take legal action against PICR to defend its rights to market its premium services in the US under its established and respected name.

Profil will continue offering its US-based clients the best possible services and will continue to work with clients around the world to provide full-service support for clinical trials seeking more effective treatments for diabetes and obesity.


About Profil Institut für Stoffwechselforschung GmbH

Founded in 1999, Profil has grown to become a unique full-service CRO with an excellent record for professional conduct and scientific expertise in clinical research on diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

The Profil Institute for Metabolic Research (in German, Profil Institut für Stoffwechselforschung GmbH) began life as a spin-off of an academic study group at the Department of Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition at the University of Düsseldorf, Germany. The founders wished to create a dedicated CRO that would address the challenges of diabetes and obesity research and treatment. The company’s achievements are testament to that vision.

Over the years, Profil has implemented numerous sophisticated methods for pharmacodynamics characterization of the effects of compounds in early phase trials, and has been involved in the development of most of the currently available major anti-diabetic compounds. Profil’s key competence is the performance of glucose clamp studies, often combined with isotope dilution techniques and muscle or fat biopsies.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Lars Bochmann –

Director Scientific Communication – Profil 

Tel.: +49 2131 4018 - 345

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Posted by Dr. Lars Bochmann on Jun 21, 2016 11:57:11 AM

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