New review of hyperinsulinemic euglycemic glucose clamp technique

We are proud to announce that last week our new review titled "The Euglycaemic Glucose Clamp: What it can and cannot do – and how to do it" was published in "Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism". In this article we shed light on the method and discuss its possibilities as well as limitations. Read the article to really understand what the gold standard for the assessment of pharmacodynamic (PD) properties of insulin preparations can do for your development. The article discusses both, the manual as well as automated hyperinsulinemic euglycemic glucose clamp methods (HEGC). Understand the advantages and limitations as well as the relevance of clamp results for the prediction of clinical outcomes. 

The article also discusses the importance of publishing data on clamp quality, a topic we have previously discussed. 

If you want to learn more about hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp, our webinar on the topic might also be of special interest to you. 

Topics: Clinical Trials in Diabetes

Posted by Dr. Lars Bochmann on Jul 1, 2016 10:44:11 AM

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